Boiler Installation in Crookston

A new boiler installation which was carried out in Crookston this week, replacing an old Vokera boiler. Our customer was looking for a great boiler with a long warranty so we installed an Ideal Vogue 32kw combi boiler and as an accredited installer we were able to give our customer 12-year warranty on this product. We also fitted a Honeywell Lyric thermostat for mobile operation allowing then to access there heating when they are no at home and monitor the heat within there home during winter.

Finally as with all our boiler installations a full magnacleanse heating flush was carried out removing excess debris and sludge from within the old system to give the new boiler a clean system to work alongside. Ideals brass magnetic filter was also installed to protect the boiler over the future years, this will be cleaned out as part of there annual service.